Lanier Educational Consulting

LaDawn Lanier

My first experience with educating others about sexuality came at the tender age of 6. At the time, my mother was pregnant and she felt that I needed to know where babies came from. Like any child, I was excited to learn such amazing information and I couldn't wait to tell my friends. I told anyone who listened, including the neighbor's children, who in turn told their parents and unfortunately my parents were told. This didn't end my career as a sexuality educator but it did delay it a number of years until I could understand the knowledge I was given. I should note that my mother didn't tell me anything developmentally inappropriate or go into unnecessary detail but six year old girls have an amazing imagination.

Years later, I realized that I loved working with children and began working as a Mobile Therapist and later a School Psychologist. This gave me the opportunity to work with individual children and their families in order to provide them with appropriate disability services.

People in general can become uncomfortable when they have to discuss sex or anything of a sexual nature. This is no different for parents or even other educators. The relationships I have developed with the families and staff that I have worked with has put me in a unique position to answer their questions and to help them become more comfortable with their feelings about the answers. That comfort is what opens the door to learning. It also opened the door to a field that I didn't realize existed, Sexology.

With additional education, I began to live the adult version of that six year old's dream of providing others with the knowledge they needed to live their lives as more fulfilled sexual beings.

Master's of Education in Human Sexuality Widener University

Master's of Education in School Psychology

Temple University

Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology

St. John's University