Lanier Educational Consulting


Q. How is this different from therapy?

A. Traditional therapy is frequently sought when a person believes that something is "wrong." It addresses underlying issues and concerns that may need to be resolved. Educational consulting or coaching, uses skills drawn from a number of disciplines in order to address the individual’s life as it relates to setting goals, creating results, and managing personal change. While coaching may be therapeutic in nature it does not address concerns that are the result of trauma or mental illness which may be better suited for a mental health professional. If the concerns that arise from coaching suggest that additional support is needed then I will make an effort to provide resources for mental health clinician.

Q. What can I expect?

A. During our initial contact we will determine whether you are interested in a single session or would like to enter into contract for a longer period of time. If we determine that a single session will suffice then you can expect to express your concerns and I will provide you with my expertise and help you design a plan to achieve your goals. If you will be continuing with additional sessions from that point there will be "between session" exercises assigned and email encouragement as needed.

Q. How do we meet?

A. Sessions take place on the phone or through online video sessions on iChat or Skype. Clients can also email their coach in between sessions at an agreed upon frequency.

Q. How much are sessions?

A. Unfortunately we do not accept insurance at this time. Session price is dependent upon whether a single session is needed or if multiple sessions are required and can be discussed prior to contract agreement. Packages are available for prepayment or as gifts.