Lanier Educational Consulting

Our mission is to provide sexuality education to restore balance to one’s life. Why sexuality education? Sexuality, in the broadest sense, is the way a person expresses him or herself as a sexual being. Sexuality includes relationships, communication, physical development, reproduction, sensuality, sexualization, intimacy, body image, orientation, gender identity and roles, values and traditions, media and pop culture and so much more. Sexuality is part of the human experience and provides us with a means for connecting with others.

The different aspects of our sexuality are interconnected and at times we all need some help trying to balance our lives so that no one element in it pulls us too hard in any direction. We all long to feel calm, grounded, and clear-headed. Finding balance is more than just eating right and exercising. We also need to feel confident in the choices me make in our personal lives. Sometimes we need help figuring it out.

At Lanier Educational Consulting, we listen to your needs and collaboratively design a plan that addresses your long term and short term goals. We offer you the support you need to take healthy steps towards meeting those goals and making more meaningful life choices.